Preventing antitrust infringements is always preferable to managing them after they arise. As such it is vital to have an effective compliance program in place that explains competition risks and how to deal with them.

We help clients to adopt and implement effective compliance policies:

Implementation Guidelines and Codes of Conduct

Our team has developed guidelines and codes of conduct to help company representatives at all levels comply with competition laws. We provide:

  • Guidance and help for employees in their internal relationships;
  • A practical view of the risks when dealing directly with competitors;
  • Basic information about risky clauses, samples of distribution and supply agreements, and tips on how to handle conversations.


The Antitrust Alliance has substantial experience training clients in the prevention of practices which can lead to competition infringements. Our training sessions and seminars are practical, relevant to your business and easy to understand.

We communicate with our clients on any antitrust developments, and keep you updated about Implementation Guidelines which can affect your businesses.


Our team will arrange periodic compliance audits. We also offer in-depth audits, either in the event antitrust conduct is suspected or as part of a due diligence process. We believe that once you are aware of anti-competitive behavior, you can deal with it before it comes to the attention of the authorities.

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