Competition authorities frequently carry out investigations into alleged competition law infringements. Companies need an efficient and rapid response. As part of the Antitrust Alliance, we work directly with the client to ensure their protection before and after the dawn raid.

As a specialized network of top-quality competition law firms, the Antitrust Alliance has extensive experience in assisting clients with dawn raids, ensuring a unified and efficient response across multiple jurisdictions.

We work to help our client in the event of an inspection from the competition authorities by providing:

  • Guidance and compliance training to help ensure clients are prepared for the unexpected;
  • Face-to-face training programs on handling a dawn raid to make sure that your employees are prepared;
  • Mock dawn raid to test client procedures for dealing with a dawn raid.

In the event of a dawn raid, what should you be doing? Behind the scenes we provide:

A 24-hour dawn-raid hotline to put you straight in touch with the right expert from the right country. Our network, conformed by outstanding professionals who specialize in antitrust matters, covers all European jurisdictions; this ensures a rapid and focused response;

Possibilities for a leniency application?

On-site assistance in the event of a dawn raid to make sure that officials act within their statutory powers; just because regulators ask for something does not necessarily mean they are entitled to it; and
Responses to information requests and negotiation with the European Authorities.

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