As a Pan-European Alliance, we occupy a prime position to help our clients with their merger control strategy on a multi-jurisdictional basis.

We know that merger control is a key factor in the success of M&A deals. Through our alliance, we can combine legal, economic and political considerations to achieve a successful transaction.

We work with our clients to help them minimize antitrust risks by:

Applying antitrust aspects into the deal in a proper way. Paying a specific attention to due diligence processes:

  • Making sure that the target company has not engaged in violations of the competition law;
  • Including appropriate safeguards in transaction documentation to ensure apportionment of risk;
  • Advanced logistical planning and preparation in order to mitigate risk in all jurisdictions;
  • Making and coordinating notifications to the regulatory authorities;
  • Proffering and negotiating solutions with the relevant competition authorities;
  • Additionally, acting for clients who want to protect their market share position which is being threatened by a competitor.